The American Pistachio Growers (APG) 2018 LeadOn Leadership Program was completed by Trécé’s Marketing Manager Rita Edwards as one of 12 industry individuals to participate in its year-long leadership training and professional development program.

The interactive program comprised of several hands-on meetings led by APG and industry leaders—including a Pistachio Industry Overview, and sessions on Orchard Management, Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability, Food Quality & Safety; Processing; Government Relations; Marketing & Nutrition; Global Trade & Technical Issues; Leadership; and Board Governance and Committees. Graduates left the program prepared with the latest knowledge, skills and strategies to take on the challenges facing pistachio growers, and positioned to take on greater leadership roles in the industry.

Trécé’s participation in the APG program was driven by its long-term commitment to pistachio growers—including the development and marketing of CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™, a critical pheromone-based mating disruption and product specifically designed to target navel orangeworm in pistachios.

Photo credit: APG