PHEROCON® Insect Trapping Systems and Pheromone Lures

The World Standard for Effective Monitoring.

The PHEROCON® product catalog currently contains more than 150 species-specific, pheromone and/or kairomone based attractants and lures, and a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack growing agriculture and post-harvest stored agricultural crops. 

Trécé’s leading-edge insect pest monitoring products provide farmers and pest managers with simple, easy to use tools they need to implement an integrated pest management program. Trécé’s insect monitoring traps and lures provide pest managers with an early warning system to detect pest emergence and monitor pest populations to make timely management decisions.

The PHEROCON line contains insect pest monitoring lures, traps, and kits intended to provide tools for use in integrated pest management programs. It is strongly recommended that users consult with qualified pest management consultants or representatives of extension or governmental agricultural departments.

To obtain additional information if needed, contact Trécé’s customer service.

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PHEROCON® Insect Monitoring Systems