for Pandemis Leafroller, Pandemis pyrusana, and Oblique Banded Leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana in Apples, Pears, and Stone Fruit.

CIDETRAK LR MESO mating disruption dispenser is a novel formulation containing a potent pheromone for the control of leafrollers. It can be applied with the same easy-to-use, patented, high performance rotating hook-hanging device as other CIDETRAK MD MESO dispensers. And with the highly stabilized leafroller pheromone, you get performance you cannot beat for leafroller control.

CIDETRAK LR MESO is designed to deliver long-lasting performance with remarkably low dispenser rates (+/- 32/AC or +/- 80/HA) for apples and pears. The dramatic reduction of dispenser rate and outstanding performance results in the benefits of less labor, less insecticide, and less damage.

How to use it: Ready-to-use package, ready-to-apply dispensers. Patented high performance rotating hook – hanging device.
Longevity: Long-lasting full-season performance.

Codling Moth a problem?: See our new CIDETRAK CMDA + LR Dual MESO™

LR MESO in apple tree

CIDETRAK LR MESO dispenser in use