Trécé was nominated for the Export Champion Award based on the content, volume, and variety of destinations of its global export sales.

Adair, Oklahoma – Trécé is honored to again receive the Oklahoma District Export Council Export Champion Award. Trécé’s Principal Engineer Mason Hudson accepted the award, presented on April 11th at the 41st Annual Oklahoma World Trade Conference. Trécé previously won this award in 2021 and 2022, as well as the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting in 2021.

The Oklahoma Export Champion Award was created by the Oklahoma District Export Council to recognize Oklahoma small and medium-sized enterprises that have successfully entered in the international marketplace emphasizing the important role that exporting plays in the U.S. economy, while highlighting the contributions made by exporters to their local communities and the world. Adair-based Trécé was nominated based on the content, volume, and variety of destinations of its global export sales. Trécé has over 40 years’ experience producing and exporting insect pheromone and kairomone-based products that provide huge benefits to food producers and the environment on a global scale.

Trécé’s insect monitoring and control technologies are deeply embedded in the agricultural, stored products, food production and retail food industries. Trécé’s products provide users a tool for determining when insects are present and a way to control such insects with minimal or no insecticides depending on the situation and environmental risk. Trécé markets its products globally through traditional distribution channels and frequently cooperates with USAID in developing countries.

2024 export award

Trécé representatives holding the Export Champion Award

2024 export award

Trécé representative receiving the Export Champion Award alongside other recipients

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