Michael & Nicole Madden, Owners
Scooter’s Farm of Woodmont
Hollis, NH

It’s A Game Changer

“Our organic farm in Hollis, NH grows peaches, apples and table grapes. We started out as a conventional grower, but realized we wanted to create a healthier, safer environment and crop for us and our customers. We employ all sorts of tactics to keep pests away, such as natural insect deterrents, interplanting of flower attractive to natural enemies, three falcon perches to keep away rodents, and most notably pheromone-based mating disruption. Growing apples is a physically and mentally demanding job, but organic takes it to a new level when you have pests like codling moth and oriental fruit moth lurking about. Frankly, we were even wondering whether organic was the way to go because of these pests – until we found mating disruption.

We are coming into our 3rd year using the Trécé CIDETRAK® CMDA + OFM MESO for mating disruption of codling moth and oriental fruit moth and it has been a game changer. We went from overloaded traps to next to nothing and super clean fruit. Another really helpful product has been CIDETRAK DA MEC®, that we can tank mix in our sprayer and it enhances the activity of the organic products we use by disrupting the codling moth larvae to keep them out of the fruit. We love the control and our customers love that we are doing our best to provide them with safe and healthy fruit. I definitely recommend the use of the CIDETRAK products for organic and conventional growers alike.”

About Michael Madden
Michael Madden owns and operates Scooter’s Farm of Woodmont, a small pick-your-own orchard located in Hollis, NH. The six acre farm was purchased in 2015 with the goal to preserve the land as an orchard as possible. Aiming to transition from conventional to organic farming, the standard-sized Cortland and McIntosh apple trees were phased out and replaced with peaches, table grapes, and newer varieties of disease-resistant apples over the past five years. With limited farming experience but unlimited willingness to learn, Michael received superb mentorship from cooperative extensions, industry representatives, and other local farms. This collective expertise allowed Scooter’s Farm to transition solely to organic farming, ultimately becoming organic certified in 2020.

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