RSU Public TV has partnered with local area schools in Northeast Oklahoma – Adair, Pryor, Salina, Locust Grover, and Inola to create videos that highlight manufacturing companies and potential future careers. Student film makers select and partner with manufacturing companies in the area who allow the students access into the manufacturing facilities to experience what a career in manufacturing is like.

The program is dedicated to changing the perceptions and attitudes about manufacturing jobs and careers by showcasing real people to provide visual representations of manufacturing employees, their jobs, and their careers.

The manufacturing companies, like Trécé and others from the area, are selected by the student groups as their partner company. The companies allowed the students into their spaces to interview employees, to see their production process, and get a good idea of what it would be like to get a job at that facility or in the industry.

Each group of students uses their imagination and video skills to create a short video and tell the story of what it is like working in the high-tech manufacturing industry, in turn creating potential future employees of the manufacturing industry.

Adair High School students chose to partner with Trécé to create their video for the 2022 contest and created a first-place award winning video! 

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