Trécé Inc., a 20-year old Adair company that ships environmentally-friendly insect control products to 50 countries around the world, is planning construction of a new building to add at least 12 employees – and Mayes County, Grand Gateway, Rural Water District No. 5, State of Oklahoma and the federal government are in line to help make it happen.

Mayes County commissioners last Monday agreed to sponsor Mayes County Rural Water District No. 5’s request for a $395,000 CDGB/EDIF grant from the federal government to fund the majority cost of constructing a new eight-inch, 2.5-mile water line to serve the new building.

CDBG/EDIF is an abbreviation for Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development Infrastructure Financing.

Grand Gateway is writing the grant, Mayes County is the sponsor, RWD-5 will manage construction, and the grant request must be approved by the state Department of Commerce before federal funds are released.

RWD-5 is committed to provide $50,000 of water line construction costs in participation with the $395,000 in federal funds, and is expected to apply for a CDBG grant for that amount, also through Grand Gateway.

Trécé, located on State Highway 28 just west of Will Rogers Turnpike, is a customer-focused, market-driven organization that develops, manufactures and markets insect pheromone and kairomone-based products designed to respond to customer needs, protect food production and preserve the environment.

Bill Lingren, founder of Trécé, grew up in Adair, and established his company headquarters here where Trécé’s own chemists and scientists conduct research and development, create and manage the production of its pheromone formulations and sophisticated equipment, and oversee all system design and technical matters.

Lingren’s other investments in the Adair community include donation of land for the construction of a new fire station for a local volunteer fire department, and the creation of a scholarship program that provides annual scholarships to students at Adair High.

The Trécé product catalog currently contains more that 100 species-specific, pheromone-based kits, attractants and lures, and a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack standing and stored crops.

These products are marketed under the internationally respected PHEROCON®, CIDETRAK®, and STORGARD® brands.

Trécé collaborates closely with universities, government agencies and business associates around the world in an ongoing effort to refine and advance our insect attractant, monitoring and storage system technologies.

The Trécé-related business before county commissioners created an additional page of agenda because the federal government is potentially involved in this project, and that means I’s get dotted and T’s get crossed.