NEW mating disruption product registration for Oriental fruit moth (OFM) in California


Oriental fruit moth (Grapholita molesta), or OFM, is a key pest in peaches, apples, plums, and other stone and pome fruits. A thorough monitoring and treatment plan built around mating disruption and insecticides only when necessary is crucial to protect one’s crop. When these tools are used properly, one sets one’s orchard up for success and clean fruit at harvest.


The use of mating disruption prevents OFM males from locating females in the orchard and results in fewer fertile eggs laid on healthy fruit. CIDETRAK® OFM-L MESOTM is now registered for use in California in crops where OFM is a pest. At the recommended 32 dispensers/acre (80/hectare), one’s mating disruption will require less labor at application while still getting the benefit of multiple point sources. CIDETRAK OFM-L MESO is a season-long mating disruption treatment that, in accordance with a strict monitoring program, can allow significant reduction in the need for insecticide application. Over time, preventing Oriental Fruit Moth from reproducing in one’s orchard leads to lower populations & less fruit damage during the season.


When using CIDETRAK OFM-L MESO mating disruption for Oriental fruit moth, be sure to continue with a reliable monitoring program. When one’s mating disruption is working properly, one’s pheromone alone traps will be shut down. Continuous use of the PHEROCON® OFM COMBOTM DUALTM lure provides capture of both male and female OFM to ensure one can track flight timings throughout the season under mating disruption. Tracking one’s flight generations and counting degree days is crucial for timing insecticide applications to maximize one’s IPM program.

Oriental Fruit Moth can be a big problem in one’s orchard. So, set one’s orchard up for success by using CIDETRAK OFM-L MESO to decrease pest pressure and PHEROCON OFM COMBO DUAL to track pest activity throughout the season. Utilizing these tools in one’s IPM program can help ensure a quality harvest at the end of the season.

More information regarding PHEROCON monitoring and CIDETRAK mating disruption may be seen on Trécé’s website or under IPM PARTNER® Guidelines for Use.

Adult Oriental fruit moth (Source: University of California IPM)

CIDETRAK OFM-L MESO hanging in peach tree

Larva of OFM and feeding damage (Source: University of California IPM)

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