Male Attractant System displays Pherocon NOW L2 Lure and Pherocon VI Delta Trap

Navel Orangeworm (Amyelois transitella), or NOW, is a serious pest of almonds and pistachios. Accordingly, pheromone and kairomone based monitoring traps and lures play a significant role in the NOW IPM process.  

Multi-Gender Attractant featuring Pherocon NOW PPO-HR L2 LureThe Trap and Lure
The Trécé line of PHEROCON® monitoring products offer different lure and trap combinations for NOW. When it comes to the selection of traps and lures, it is all about the objectives that you set for your management program and what control measures you are planning to take.

Female attractant system featuring Pherocon IV NOW Egg Trap

Trap Use Pattern and Other Information
Your objectives will be based on whether you are using a conventional insecticide-based program or a CIDETRAK® mating disruption program for managing key pests. You may also plan on tracking beneficials for biological control of various pests, such as monitoring predacious thrips.


Predator detection system featuring Pherocon Predator Trap

The first questions that arise are which traps, which lures, how many, how often should they be checked, and how should they be maintained? The following is a guideline to aid in the selection, installation, and management of PHEROCON NOW monitoring products:Table

Trap Capture Interpretation and Action
Research has shown that no singular trap and lure combination has a particularly high correlation to damage at harvest. But, when the data from different trap and lure combinations are considered together for any objective, the power of information is significantly increased. The table above will provide a stable basis for your monitoring program.

The following diagrams provide a more detailed overview of an efficient and comprehensive trapping strategy in two different size orchards, 40- and 160-acres. For the most resolution, more than one trap and lure combination would be deployed at each location, depending on the objectives.

chart 2

chart 1


Other Important Considerations
The foregoing outlines a solid monitoring program, but it is only as good as the consistency of the data collection, maintenance, and proper storage of these products. Using the products for specific treatment decisions, not only when but where to treat, is an art and requires careful examination of the data and the relative values (different monitored locations within a year and historically). It is essential to keep accurate and accessible records for developing your orchard history. All Trécé PHEROCON products will provide actionable information that will lead you to a much more successful and economical outcome than simply taking a risk and just spraying.

Contact local extension authorities and consultants for regional advice. For additional information regarding PHEROCON NOW insect monitoring traps and lures, please see the Trécé IPM Partner Guidelines for Use, or contact a Trécé Rep.


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