Monitor Hibiscus Bud Weevil with Trécé’s New Early Detection Monitoring System

Monitor hibiscus bud weevil with Trécé’s new PHEROCON® HBW STKYTM CANOPYTM

Monitor hibiscus bud weevil, Anthonomus testaceosquamosus, in hibiscus with Trécé’s new PHEROCON HBW STKY CANOPY.

The hibiscus bud weevil is the most important insect attacking hibiscus plants in southern Florida. The insect, which is kin to the boll weevil and pepper weevil, immigrated to Florida from Mexico and South Texas within the last decade.

Hibiscus bud weevil is a regulated insect due to its significant presence and plant damage (especially in Dade County, FL) and its potential level of damage to the hibiscus industry when not carefully controlled.

Integrated pest management programs have been in the process of development using yellow adhesive coated liners plus insecticides as a workable IPM combination. There are no predators or parasites directly attacking hibiscus bud weevil and there are no other control measures that are very effective after an infestation is sustained.

Dr. Kevin Cloonan of USDA REE ARS is in the process of identifying the natural pheromone, which will lead to a significant improvement in the efficacy of the yellow card liners already used for monitoring.

Significant biology and other basic information have been developed by University of Florida researchers Dr. Alexandra Revynthi and colleagues and Dr. Paul Kendra at USDA ARS Subtropical Horticulture Research Station, who have developed and published a significant body of knowledge about the hibiscus bud weevil.

The new CANOPY traps provide early capture & extended monitoring for hibiscus bud weevil by using a burst of yellow color with the proper reflectivity for hibiscus bud weevil. Trécé’s early detection trapping system is critical to establishing the need for spraying as well as the timing for the most cost-efficient results.


The new PHEROCON HBW STKY CANOPY adds to the protection of the STKY liner. Trécé’s red double-sided adhesive coated STKY liner is easily attached under the canopy.


The new PHEROCON HBW STKY CANOPY captures hibiscus bud weevils at low abundance levels for better decisions & IPM outcomes.


The new PHEROCON HBW STKY CANOPY is easy to use. The CANOPY is reusable and the STKY liner is easily replaceable. The adhesive coated STKY liner makes counting hibiscus bud weevils easy.

View the PHEROCON HBW STKY CANOPY Assembly Instructions for Use

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Hibiscus bud weevil (Source: University of Florida IFAS)



Hibiscus bud weevil damage (Source: Alexandra M. Revynthi, University of Florida IFAS)

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