This summary provides a snapshot of the overall Trécé R&D program, highlighting results of a few trials from last season. Trécé conducted many laboratory and field trials, developing and testing new innovative technology. The results of these studies will guide the future of Trécé’s R&D program, ultimately resulting in the launch of new commercial products that growers and pest managers can add to their existing IPM program.


Multiple field trials were conducted by Trécé and its R&D cooperators over the past two seasons to optimize novel, ultra-low density CIDETRAK® mating disruption dispensers for key insect pests of tree fruits such as Codling Moth and Navel Orangeworm. These ultra-low density dispenser systems will allow for further reduction of the number of dispensers applied per acre, significantly decreasing the labor input, while maintaining the superior efficacy and long-lasting full season performance of CIDETRAK mating disruption products.

Additionally, several liquid sprayable pheromone products formulated with advanced microencapsulation technology have been developed and field tested to target increased field longevity to improve overall field performance for key pests of tree fruit, vines, and tree nuts.

PHEROCON® Monitoring Systems

A new monitoring system has been developed and extensively field tested for spotted wing drosophila (SWD) with cooperators in several states and in a variety of crops. The PHEROCON® SWD STKY™ trap incorporates the attractive red color as a visual cue and an adhesive specific to SWD that increases captures and retention, improving overall field performance. In replicated field trials, the SWD STKY trap baited with the SWD PEEL-PAK™ Broad Spectrum Lure consistently showed higher SWD captures compared with other trap types, and had lower non-target captures in some crops.

Species-specific adhesives are being developed for monitoring traps optimized for each target insect pest to maximize capture and retention, while decreasing the impacts of abiotic factors such as UV, humidity, and temperature. Several novel adhesives are being tested in trials for monitoring traps such as the PHEROCON BMSB STKY DUAL™ Panel Adhesive Trap for BMSB, and the PEW STKY DUAL Panel Adhesive Trap for pepper weevil.

A monitoring system for spotted lanternfly (SLF) has been developed and field tested. Two different monitoring trap designs are currently available, and attractants are being tested in laboratory and field studies by cooperators to ultimately develop an attractive lure for monitoring and detection.

Field Trial Comparative Chart

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Navel Orange Worm

Navel Orangeworm, Amyelois transitella

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SWD Broad Spectrum Lure