David Peters
Gardners, PA
Peters Orchards, Owner

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“My farm in Pennsylvania has over 2,000 acres of crops ranging from tree fruit to small fruit to veggies. I have been using mating disruption products for over a decade now for pests like codling moth, oriental fruit moth, and dogwood borer in my apples. My main concern as of late has been oriental fruit moth in apples and peaches. The CIDETRAK® OFM-L MESO product has worked well for me to control oriental fruit moth at the 32 dispensers/acre rate and saves a lot of labor time over products that require 200+. The mating disruption gives me peace of mind that the control is working all season and with all of the rain we get, it is nice to have that added protection regardless of the weather conditions.

This year, 2021, will be my third year using the CIDETRAK products and I have continued to expand the acreage for its use each year. I feel like we had a significant reduction in injury last year, so much so that it was hard to even find damage where we hung the MESOs – which is exactly what we want. I’m looking forward to this year to see populations down even more. I think mating disruption is an important tool for growers to use to create a sustainable growing system and I expect to use Trécé’s CIDETRAK mating disruption for years to come.”

About David Peters
The Peters family has been living on its orchards in northern Adams County Pennsylvania since the 1870’s. Currently the fifth generation is managing the orchards and retail farm market alongside their families. Ethan, Bill, Rufina, David and Katie are growing fruits and vegetables on the 3000 acre orchard. We take great pride in being able to sustain the operation for future generations to enjoy.

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