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Danielle Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.
Trécé Global Technical
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CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO MESO & PP are better than pheromone only products – and here is why:

Important for Male and Female Disruption
The CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO MESO and CMDA COMBO PUZZLE PIECE (PP) mating disruption dispensers provide apple and pear growers with powerful tools for managing codling moth that have been developed and validated in field trials in Washington orchards with wild codling moth over many years. Both the CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO MESO and CMDA COMBO PP dispensers contain the pear ester (DA) kairomone plus the codling moth pheromone, effectively disrupting both male and female codling moths. Combining DA with pheromone not only disrupts mating between males and females, but also reduces the proportion of mated females over generations (Fig. 1), influences female egg laying so that she lays eggs further away from the fruit, and directly decreases levels of fruit injury at harvest (Fig. 2).

Exceptional Innovative Technology
The controlled release technology of the PVC dispensers is a technology that was built from scratch specifically designed for semiochemical use. There is more total active ingredient in the dispensers. So, they are optimized for superior codling moth management. Once they are deployed in the orchards, the dispensers are constantly releasing DA and codling moth pheromone for better pheromone distribution and absolutely zero maintenance after initial deployment of the dispensers in your orchard.

Fewer Dispensers, Less Labor in Installation
The dramatic reduction in dispenser rate per acre with the CMDA COMBO MESO provides a huge advantage when it comes to labor; fewer dispensers mean less labor during installation. Additionally, the dispensers have a season long longevity and once they are deployed, they do not require any additional maintenance or stress worrying about checking batteries or moving parts throughout the growing season.

Superior Packaging – Designed by Growers for Growers
Both the CMDA COMBO MESO and the CMDA COMBO PP ready to use package was designed by growers for growers. Everything you need is included in the carrier pack to further simplify the installation process. The packaging the dispensers are shipped in is easily converted into a carrier pack using the provided Velcro strap so that the package can be worn into the orchard with everything you need in the pack: it includes the dispensers, high performance rotating hooks, and the applicator tip for hanging the dispenser on the proper tree branch. This is convenient, and further reduces the labor, stress, and time spent with the mating disruption installation in your orchards.

Better Overall Results
The combined effect of the behavior modifying DA kairomone and codling moth pheromone disrupts both males and females, reducing successful mating events, and maintains significantly higher levels of virginity. Furthermore, less insecticide is required for managing codling moth over the season providing better resistance management. Finally, when mating disruption is combined with an effective insecticide program and microencapsulated liquid CIDETRAK DA MEC, you will achieve the “gold standard” of codling moth management and significantly reduce damage levels in the orchard at harvest (Fig. 3). Please learn more about this cost-effective program from Trécé or your Fieldman.

Figure 1: Combining DA reduces the proportion of mated females over generations.

Figure 2: DA directly decreases levels of fruit injury at harvest.

Figure 3: CIDETRAK DA MEC significantly reduces damage levels in orchards vs.
pheromone or insecticide alone

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