The Book: Orchard/Field Ag Product Insects IPM PARTNER® Insect Monitoring Guidelines

For guidelines and use patterns, refer to “The IPM Partner® Book” below. This is a practical guide to more effective insect pest monitoring.

This book is a tool. We wanted to put into one place a collection of data on the most common pests that are infesting trees and vines, as well as row crops — and then put that information into the hands of our key customers and key contributors to IPM. The information has been sourced from personnel and publications of various universities, extension services and government research agencies.

Knowledge is what The IPM Partner® Book is really all about. Indeed, it is at the heart of all that we do at Trécé. Every one of our monitoring products is designed to impart knowledge that can be practically applied to solve a problem.

The Book: Stored Product Insects 
IPM Partner® Guidelines for Stored Product Insect Monitoring

Trécé is the industry leader at insect monitoring. Our most recent publication is now available!

“The STORGARD® IPM Partner® Book” provides a collection of data on the most common pests that infest stored products and guidelines by which pest managers can monitor insect populations leading to correct use and timing of treatment or actions.


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