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CIDETRAK® DA MEC® changes CM larval and adult behavior – improves insecticide and pheromone results.

Codling moth remains an important pest of apples and pears in our region, and growers have a strong set of tools to create effective management programs, including both mating disruption and an arsenal of insecticide sprays. Timing and coverage are key factors that determine the success of individual programs. Accurate monitoring of codling moth is crucial to allow effective integration of tactics. Fortunately, we were able to recognize and harness the power of pear ester (DA), the smell and taste of ripe Bartlett pears, to develop the PHEROCON® CMDA COMBO lures which creates a much more effective signal by combining pear ester with sex pheromone to lure both sexes of codling moth into traps. This powerful attraction of pear ester has also been developed into both a microencapsulated spray (CIDETRAK DA MEC) and dispensers for mating disruption (CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO Puzzle Piece (PP) and CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO MESO).

Pear ester changes adult and larval behavior – increases insecticide exposure
Codling moth larvae after they hatch from an egg basically do not feed before cutting a hole and entering fruits. Thus, most insecticides kill the larvae via exposure and uptake through the insect’s skin. Fortunately, the CIDETRAK DA MEC formulation can be added to all insecticides for codling moth to disorient larvae and increase their exposure to spray residues before they can enter fruits. Most 1st generation eggs are laid on leaves adjacent to fruits so disorienting larvae from finding the fruit is the key to insecticide effectiveness and contributes to the power of CIDETRAK DA MEC. Later in the summer as fruits grow larger a majority of eggs are laid right on their surface. Preventing codling moth larvae from entering these fruits at this point is a difficult trick to achieve, and fortunately, CIDETRAK DA MEC greatly prolongs larval searching and again substantially increases larval contact with spray residues. The formulation of CIDETRAK DA MEC is truly the result of high-tech science and its effectiveness lasts for 3-4 weeks.

Low rates, dramatic results with most insecticides
Countless studies here in Washington, other U.S. growing regions and world-wide have consistently demonstrated that the addition of just ½ ounce/acre of CIDETRAK DA MEC (no need to add more or less) can increase levels of fruit protection on average 40-60% across all the available classes of insecticides (Fig. 1). CIDETRAK DA MEC is widely used by organic growers who add it with both their virus and spinosyn sprays. But CIDETRAK DA MEC also increases larval kill when used with conventional insecticides, such as diamides, neonicotinyls, and spinosyns (Fig. 2a, b). The use of CIDETRAK DA MEC in combination with conventional insecticides can be used to lower rates, extend spray intervals, and ultimately allow fewer sprays to be needed per season. All of these uses of CIDETRAK DA MEC ultimately help us conserve the value of insecticides by reducing the selection for resistance by codling moth.

Increases mating disruption of pheromone when added to sprays
What is really fascinating and probably not well known is that the use of CIDETRAK DA MEC in combination with insecticides not only kills more larvae but also increases mating disruption in blocks treated with sex pheromone. It turns out that the neural system of both sexes of codling moth are wired to perceive sex pheromone and pear ester together in the same receptors and this dual message is passed to the brain and affects adult behaviors, including sexual behaviors. Field trials conducted over many years have consistently demonstrated that in orchard plots treated with dispensers loaded with both sex pheromone and pear ester significantly higher proportions of female codling moth remained unmated when compared with blocks only treated with sex pheromone (Fig. 3). These studies also demonstrated that levels of fruit injury were lower in plots treated with the combination of sex pheromone and pear ester when compared to similar plots treated only with sex pheromone (Fig. 4a). The most fascinating result, however, was that we also found less mating and less injury in plots treated with CIDETRAK DA MEC added regularly with the insecticide cover sprays compared to sex pheromone dispensers alone (Fig. 4b).

Less mating and less injury with CIDETRAK DA MEC, pretty remarkable! But it turns out that most growers and fieldmen aren’t aware of this effect, so let me repeat myself. CIDETRAK DA MEC when sprayed in tank mixes with insecticides to improve larval control, also increases the disruption of mating when orchards are treated with sex pheromone.

So you have a lot of choices to improve codling moth management using pear ester.

1. You can monitor your orchards with the PHEROCON CMDA COMBO lures and more effectively track pest densities and apply timely supplemental sprays as needed.

2. You can add just a capful of CIDETRAK DA MEC to the tank and energize your insecticide spray program.

3. You can use either CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO PP or CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO MESO dispensers and decrease mating and fruit injury compared to sex pheromone alone.

4. Or you can stay with sex pheromone dispensers such as CIDETRAK CM but decrease both codling moth mating and fruit injury by adding CIDETRAK DA MEC to your cover spray program or even use it to treat the borders of orchards where many problems arise.

So many options to use the Power of DA! If you have any questions, please contact your local Trécé rep. or myself.

Improves Insecticide Efficacy

Fig. 1. World-wide survey of the benefits in less apple injury from codling moth in replicated trials comparing 16 insecticides alone and with the addition of CIDETRAK DA MEC.

Fig. 2a. Field trials demonstrating the seasonal effectiveness of adding CIDETRAK DA MEC to either the diamide, Altacor or the spinosyn Entrust in pear and apple, respectively.

Fig. 2b.

Fig. 3a. Field trials demonstrating that the use of pear ester in either puzzle piece dispensers or with the CIDETRAK DA MEC formulation decreases the proportion of female codling moth which are mated

Fig. 3b.

Fig. 4a. Summary of published studies demonstrating the value of adding CIDETRAK DA MEC to insecticides alone or in combination with mating disruption dispensers loaded with either sex pheromone alone or with CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO PP or CIDETRAK CMDA COMBO MESO.

Fig. 4b.

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