Codling moth (CM) is a major pest in most parts of the world and can be effectively managed with a robust IPM program that incorporates monitoring traps and lures.

Codling moth, Cydia pomonella, on leaf

Codling moth, Cydia pomonella


CM 1X (red septa): The first monitoring lure used to track codling moth emergence/phenology patterns in conventional orchards. It is used as to establish effectiveness of mating disruption products by no or low capture. The lure has a 4-week longevity.

CM L2 (gray septa): A longer lasting standard lure that was designed for use in conventional orchards, and is also used for measuring effectiveness of mating disruption products. The lure has an 8-week longevity.

CM 10X (red septa): This was the first lure used to monitoring codling moth emergence/phenology patterns in mating disrupted orchards. The lure has a 2-3-week longevity.

CMDA COMBO-S (gray septa): This multi-gender lure captures both males and females with the combination of CM pheromone and DA kairomone. This lure is an excellent monitoring tool for both mating disrupted and conventional orchards. It is considered the standard lure for monitoring CM and has an 8-week longevity.

CMDA COMBO-S + AA (gray septa + AA cup): This lure employs the CM pheromone and DA kairomone technology, combined with acetic acid (AA) kairomone as a synergist to boost capture rates in DA treated orchards. It provides more information on phenology patterns and most likely provides a better biofix as well as in-season monitoring in all orchards. The lure has an 8-week longevity.

CM L2-P (PVC): A superior formulation technology matrix that provides longer release and protection of pheromone and is approved for use in conventional and organic orchards. The lure has a 12-week longevity.

CMDA COMBO-P (PVC): This lure is improved over the standard CMDA COMBO-S lure with consistently higher capture of males and females. This lure provides increased sensitivity in high and low population environments and allows for better tracking of phenology over the season in both conventional and mating disrupted orchards. This lure has a 12-week longevity.

MEGALURE® CM DUAL 4K (PVC + AA cup): This lure uses Trécé’s PVC formulation matrix technology and produces higher male and female capture in mating disrupted and conventional orchards. It provides better results in mating disrupted orchards than CMDA COMBO-S septa lures with up to 42X more female captures. Not approved for use in organic orchards. The lure has an 8-week longevity.

More information regarding PHEROCON® monitoring and CIDETRAK® mating disruption may be seen on Trécé’s website or under IPM PARTNER® Guidelines for Use for use.

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