New MD Technology and Products Introduced In 2018 – How Did They Fare?

Brad Higbee, Director of Field Research for Trécé and Dirk Ulrich, almond grower/consultant

Brad Higbee, Director of Field Research for Trécé and Dirk Ulrich, almond grower/consultant.

Nut growers today are increasingly finding that good winter sanitation and chemical applications alone are no longer enough to combat the growing spread of navel orangeworm. As a result, greater numbers of growers now are using mating disruption to increase their success in warding off the pest as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

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Trécé Inc.’s New CIDETRAK® Mating-Disruption Products Protect Key Nut Crops from Navel Orangeworm and Codling Moth

Newest products offer combined effectiveness with ease of use

ADAIR, OKLA.—Trécé Inc., a leading American innovator of pheromone and kairomone based insect monitoring systems, announced the official launch of two newly developed mating-disruption products developed to protect three important nut crops from the growing threat of navel orangeworm (NOW).

The first product, CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™, is designed to prevent mating and control NOW in almonds and pistachios. The second, CIDETRAK® CMDA + NOW MESO™ for walnuts, is engineered to address the double threat of infestation from NOW and codling moths that occurs when nuts damaged by the codling moth serve as NOW entry and feeding sites.

“Trécé saw an urgent growing need to research and develop an effective mating-disruption solution to remedy the rapid spread of navel orangeworm infestations,” said Bill Lingren, Trécé founder and chief executive officer. “We are pleased to say that early field implementation of these products in 2018 has produced excellent results, and drawn uniformly positive reviews from growers and pest control advisers alike.”

CIDETRAK® NOW MESO™ for almonds and pistachios significantly increases the number of unmated NOW females—and dramatically reduces the number of multiple-mated females by more than half. CIDETRAK® CMDA + NOW MESO™ for walnuts—which combines codling moth (CM) pheromone and a patented male and female behavior modifying kairomone (DA) as well as NOW pheromone—disrupts both NOW males and codling moth males and females.

“The product which uses two dispensers hung together, has produced more than 95 percent disruption and reduction in male moth capture in pheromone traps for codling moth and navel orangeworm,” Said Douglas Light, Ph.D., United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Western Regional Research Center in Albany, California

“Trécé developed these products in its own laboratory—and then fine-tuned them for maximum effectiveness and field-tested them in the hands of researchers from the University of California, Davis and USDA’s Agricultural Research Service,” said Lingren. “The results of that effort are clear—both products have proven to be extremely valuable additions to an integrated pest management program.”

“In addition to using the latest science to create these new mating-disruption products, Trécé also designed them to be labor-efficient, being extremely simple and speedy to deploy,” Lingren said. “Our uniquely packaged/RTU application system permits fast and accurate application of dispensers at the very low rate of 20 per acre.”

Both new products are registered for use in organic agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

About Trécé Incorporated:  Established in 1984, Trécé is a leading American innovator focuses on customer needs, growing through development, manufacturing and marketing of insect pheromone and kairomone-based products, which benefit food production and the environment, while creating net economic welfare for its customers, company employees, local and global communities.  The Trécé product catalog currently contains over 150 species-specific pheromone and/or kairomone-based monitoring and control systems, attractants and lures, a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack growing agriculture and post-harvest stored ag crops.  These products are marketed under two internationally respected brand names, PHEROCON® and STORGARD®.  Trécé created, registered and markets a line of insect control products under the brand name, CIDETRAK®, for orchard, vine and row crops and protection of post-harvest stored ag products in the commodity, food processing and retail segments of the industry.  

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