Trécé to Participate in Leading Italian Pest Management Exhibition

Three-City Event to Feature World’s Leading Pest Control Manufacturers 

ADAIR, OKLA.—Trécé Inc., a leading American manufacturer of insect monitoring systems and pheromones, will showcase its products at Colkim Expo 2018, Italy’s leading pest management and control trade show.

Colkim Expo 2018 will move among three major Italian commercial centers during the first week of October, beginning in Rome on Oct. 1, shifting to Bologna on Oct. 3, and finishing up in Milan on Oct. 5. Colkim is Italy’s top provider of pest control products.

“Italy has a rich agricultural and horticultural history spanning thousands of years,” said Bill Lingren, Trécé owner and founder. “Trécé is pleased to help protect and preserve this legacy by providing the Italian market with products based on the latest scientific research.”

As a major sponsor of the event, Trécé will conduct seminars at each location to introduce users to its pheromone-based technology, as well as exhibit Trécé’s line of species-specific, pheromone-based products.

“Our participation in the previous Colkim Expo was an extremely productive enterprise,” Lingren said. “We continually incorporate the latest science into our product offerings, so we look forward to using this year’s event to re-engage with and update our existing Italian customers—and to educate and inform a new crop of users.”

Colkim is the exclusive Italian distributor for Trécé’s STORGARD product line, which provides early warning detection of insect infestations during storage, processing, transportation, warehousing and marketing of foods and other commodities.  

About Trécé Incorporated:  Trécé is a market-driven organization focused on customer needs, growing through development, manufacturing and marketing of insect pheromone and kairomone-based products, which benefit food production and the environment, while creating net economic welfare for its customers, company employees, local and global communities.  The Trécé product catalog currently contains over 150 species-specific, pheromone and/or kairomone-based kits, attractants and lures, a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack growing agriculture and post-harvest stored ag crops.  These products are marketed under two internationally respected brand names, PHEROCON® and STORGARD®.  Furthermore, Trécé created, registered and markets a line of insect control products under the brand name, CIDETRAK®, for orchard and vine crops and protection of post-harvest stored ag products in the commodity, food processing and retail segments of the industry.