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About Trécé Incorporated

Our Mission:

Trécé is a market-driven organization focused on customer needs, growing through profits derived from development, manufacturing and marketing of insect pheromone and kairomone-based products, which benefit food production and the environment while creating net economic welfare for our customers, company employees, local and global communities.

Trécé Research and Development:

Keeping a Razor Sharp Edge

If knowledge is Trécé's core value in the marketplace, continuing research and development is our core resource. The company has, from the beginning, invested heavily in R&D, hiring the finest professionals and using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Trécé works closely with universities, government agencies and our business associates throughout the world to continue to refine and advance the technology of effective monitoring systems.


The Dynamics of Quality and Quantity

Much of the research and development effort over the years has gone into the creation of sophisticated manufacturing facilities and equipment at our Adair, Ok headquarters. We make what we market at Trécé because, through planning, consistency, flexibility and rigorous quality control, we can simply do a better job. Our own chemists manage all the pheromone formulations. Our own engineers create sophisticated equipment, such as our high-speed, surface glue coaters, and manage all the system design and technical issues. Trécé's ability to expand and contract production from small custom orders to three-shift runs is critical to our success.


The Monitoring Standard for Over Two Decades

The Trécé product catalog currently contains over 100 species-specific, pheromone-based kits, attractants and lures, a full line of trap models designed for a wide variety of flying and crawling insect pests that attack crops and stored crops. These products are marketed under two internationally respected names, PHEROCON® and STORGARD®.

The PHEROCON® Ag Product line provides pest managers, farmers and agricultural consultants with an early warning system to detect adult insect emergence and monitor pest populations so that timely control programs can be implemented. In the 1970's, PHEROCON® products were utilized in early Integrated Pest Management research and eventually became the world standard for effective monitoring. Today, these products are also used to track the migration of pests into non-infested areas. Beyond detection and monitoring, phenology models for many significant insects have been developed using PHEROCON® products to establish biofix points. And economic thresholds based on PHEROCON® trap counts have been created for several insects. Taken together, these capabilities deliver a turnkey solution for optimizing treatment times–a solution the competition, without our history, research and knowledge, simply cannot deliver.

The STORGARD® Stored-Product Pest Product Line provides early warning detection of potentially damaging insect infestations during storage of raw commodities (i.e. grains), processing, transportation, warehousing and marketing of foods and other commodities. Proper monitoring with STORGARD® can reduce product losses, increase the quality of stored foods and save time and money. STORGARD® has been the industry standard for more than a decade. Unlike light traps, STORGARD® products are more species-specific and more sensitive to low populations, invaluable features for top quality assurance managers who need to meet zero tolerance requirements in milling, baking and other food processing and storage facilities. Download Trece's Latest Profile and STORGARD® Information (PDF).

CIDETRAK® Control Product Line. CIDETRAK® CRW is a gustatory stimulant for corn rootworms, Diabrotica spp. It has no insecticidal properties of its own. This stimulant focuses on the compulsive feeding behavior by the adult corn rootworms on cucurbit bitters. When mixed with stomach poison insecticides, CIDETRAK CRW stimulates beetles to ingest the insecticide, providing greater efficacy of the insecticide. (More products will be added to this product line in the future.)

In addition to the PHEROCON®, STORGARD® and CIDETRAK® lines, Trécé offers several specialty products, including a unique Japanese beetle trapping system with a permanent catch basis. See the products section of this Web site for complete product lines.

Knowing Our Business Means Knowing Our Customers

It means knowing the kind of quality they demand, the kind of timelines they run on, the kind of service and support they need. We have built an unprecedented level of loyalty by delivering on a number of critical factors: our adherence to the strictest quality assurance programs; our history of consistent reliability over two decades; and our worldwide distribution network and sophisticated international shipping and service capabilities.

Your Edge – And Ours – Is Knowledge

You deserve an edge, give us a call. We'll be happy to send you a package explaining the advantages of Trécé Inc. and printed copies of our product catalogs for PHEROCON® and STORGARD®, as well as the IPM PARTNER® Books. People look to us for insect monitoring solutions, because we know our business better than anyone else in the business.


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